Konpeito candy and Bonbonnière

2009.02.28  食の器


We do our best to answer every customer’s requests. In addition to the product itself, we try to deal with the wrapping and delivery of the product in the same manner.

I will show a few order-made pieces here that particularly left an impression. It is common for our product to be given as gifts paired with something else, but there are many different formats. A sake container paired with a bottle of sake is fairly standard. Another gift pairing which had some demand coming from the Tokyo area was a pairing with the Konpeito candy by Ryokujuan-Shimizu. “緑寿庵清水”

It is widely known that since long ago, a Bonbonnière has often been used as a present given to guests at a wedding ceremony. We also call these candy containers with lids “Yanpo”. It is essential at a wedding ceremony within the Imperial household. Perhaps this is why many people use it for gifts in formal occasions.

In terms of the Konpeito candy, there was an especially high demand for specifically the one from “Ryokujuan”.
Though I had heard of the name before, I never had the chance to try it.


Their store is only about 10 minutes away from us by bike, so there are no difficulties in terms of going out to buy stock. However, there were a few occasions where we went to buy a flavor requested by the customer, and they were completely sold out of it.


It is contained in a fine silver Bonbonnière (yanpo), and then put into a box. In the case of a wedding related gift for guests, we add a gold color mizuhiki (ceremonial paper strings).
Actual container (wooden box included):  75mm diameter size. We create ones starting from 60mm
in diameter. We have various sizes available.
In terms of the product contained inside, we would like to consult this with you separately.




・純銀 ボンボニエール 2.2寸 ※ SOLD OUT こちらの製品は完売いたしました。
・純銀 ボンボニエール 2.5寸 ※ SOLD OUT こちらの製品は完売いたしました。
純銀 ボンボニエール 2.8寸
純銀 ボンボニエール 3寸
純銀 ボンボニエール 3.3寸