信長の愛した逸品が再び。180周年記念「銀香炉 三足の蛙」/ Three-legged Frog Silver Incense Burner

2018.01.04  香の器

(English follows Japanese)

清課堂、創業180年を記念して送り出す特別限定品「銀香炉 三足の蛙」。
Seikado, 180-anniversary limited edition “Three-legged Frog Silver Incense Burner ”

ご覧になって「もしや」とお気づきになられた方も、いらっしゃるでしょうか。こちらは私どもが175周年を迎えた2013年、数量限定でお作りした「銅香炉 三足の蛙」の復刻品でございます。
You might notice something at a glance. We reproduce “Three-legged Frog Silver Incense Burner” which was produced in limited number to celebrate 175 anniversary in 2013.




Todo(Bronze) incense burner thurible “Three-legged Frog” has a magical and legendary story; Before historical “Honnoji Incident” happened in Japan, the frog with three legs suddenly had croaked to tell a something unusual to “Oda Nobunaga” who was one of the most famous warriors in Japan.  We were commuting to “Honnouji Houmotsukan” again and again to reproduce the incense burner thurible which Nobunaga used to love. As a result, our Replica collects the limelight five years ago when we announced that to the public because it even copies subtle patterns and the touch.

Even it was expensive; the limited versions were sold in a moment. After the end of that period, a lot of enthusiastic history lovers and virtuosos contacted us about them. We were surprised at the sensation, and at the same time, we re-recognize the significance to reproduce intangible cultural asset. It was quite reasonable to come up the idea “We have to reproduce this important product again in a different way” in our 180 anniversary.





Now, Honnouji Temple is located near Teramachi Nijō where our store stands.
Here is the region where we grow up. It is the perfect artwork for us to connect the relationship to the familiar temple and appreciate it.

“Three-legged Frog,” which is the property of Honnouji Temple, came from the Tang dynasty(ancient China), long time before the age of civil war in Japan(Sengoku-jidai). The motif is a toad(Senjyo) which is mythical Chinese animal and brings a long life and a lucky omen. People say that It has three legs because it can scrape money up in front and left and right, and then hold tight in the mouth.







銀 香炉 三足の蛙  

価格:500,000円(税抜・excluding tax)
サイズ:約 16cm×8cm×9.5cm

Seikado will watch through up-coming 200 anniversary. It would be a symbol of the luck for us and our customer who use it.

The reproduction keeps induce your smile with the cute posture and changed material from copper to silver. It is often praised that silver is the most beautiful metal because it is tinged with a tender white. Because of that feature, Japanese people sometimes say it as Hakugin(silvery white). The clear gloss gains with polishing and it is the charm of silver goods. With the new touch, it is entirely different from copper one.

We only make 18 bodies by a made-to-order. It takes two months to deliver it to bring you a good fortune. It is an easygoing frog and thank you for your understandings.


Silver Incense burner thurible Three-legged Frog: 500,000yen (excluding tax)
Size: Approximate 10cm×8cm×9cm
Stocks: 18
※ After we have your request, It takes around two months for delivery.




銀香炉 三足の蛙 SOLD OUT ※こちらの製品は完売いたしました。現時点での製作の予定はございません。



“Three-legged Frog Incense Burner”

In the middle of Kyoto City, there is a temple called Honno-ji which is near Seikado.
The ‘three-legged frog incense burner’ is treasured at Honno-ji Temple and has remained as a symbol of a mysterious tale.
During the period of civil war in Japan, the commander Oda Nobunaga was staying at Honno-ji,
when his samurai general called Akechi Mitsuhide forced him to commit suicide.
During the previous night, the three-legged frog incense burner at the temple suddenly began to croak to let Nobunaga know that his life was in great danger.

The incense burner originally came from China a long time before the samurai period and was handed down to Honno-ji Temple.
The frog is known as “Senjyo”, which is a Chinese mythical creature.

The presence of this mythical creature is believed to bring longevity and happiness in China.