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Seikado was established here in Kyoto in 1838 (Edo Period) as a pewterer. Our 7th owner has devoted himself to making pewter arts as well as running exhibitions displaying a wide range of Japanese metal arts. The gallery introduces contemporary craftsmen. (not open on a regular basis.)

Although historically, Kyoto pewter crafts were originally developed and made available to only the upper classes, we have been endeavoring to design something which is equally in keeping with modern times as it is in maintaining respect for our traditional heritage. The next time you pay a visit to Kyoto, be sure to experience and share with us such distinctive Japanese beauty.



In this day and age the world is overflowing with “things.” Being surrounded by so much, we start to forget the importance and value of the truly special objects and indiscriminately want to eliminate everything. But in the background of these “special things,” there is hidden culture, tradition, art, technology, as well as the hearts of many people who have been involved. Not only do we take care to create products of high quality, we value those hidden aspects and do our best to convey them.





‘Teramachi Street’ on which Seikado is located, used to have many religious institutional buildings, such as temples and shrines as you can guess from its name. (“Tera” means temple.) We were making mainly religious artefacts when we first started our business. These Pewter religious artefacts which were made at this workshop are still seen in shrines all over Japan and they are an essential part of Gion Festival. The Imperial Palace is nearby and it is said that its Pewter sake cups were popular among the nobles of the past. Also, there is a tradition related to “tea” in Kyoto. The Pewter tea sets made at our workshop are essential to any good tea ceremony. We make a wide range of products, from those used in daily life to decorative, modern art, using not only pewter, but also silver and copper.

“HEISHI” Sacred Treasure for Gion Festival

“KOGAKI” Tea Caddy,Pewter


Our Works

Each metal has its own individual qualities and we believe that our job is to make the best use of the materials’ characteristics. We take good care to ensure that we employ the traditional techniques which have been painstakingly developed during Kyoto’s 1200 year long history. (…Read More)


It has been mainly used for kitchen utensils especially sake cups because it does not get corroded easily. We mainly make pitchers and cups for sake. Pewter sake products are essential to those who love sake in Japan. (…Read More)



One of the characteristics of silverware in Japan is that it is tarnished. This is the spirit of Wabisabi — the beauty found in things being naturally shifted—. We make kitchen utensils, such as plates and chopsticks, tea ceremony equipment, and accessories, such as netsuke — a form of miniature sculpture which developed in Japan—.


Copper / Brass

They are often used for to make equipment related to fire such as a kettle because they conduct heat quickly. Coloring them with Japanese lacquer is a traditional decorating technique in Kyoto. They are suitable for tea ceremony and will compliment any Japanese style room because the shades and colors are very natural. They are also suitable for casting because the materials are relatively easy to shape.

Copper / Brass


Although it is not suitable for kitchen utensils because of its sensitivity to humidity, it is often used for casted objects and statues, vases and incense burners, as well as stationary, such as paperweights because it can be shaped precisely and it radiates light of various hues and colours.



Metalcraft Care

Many customers ask us how they should care for their metalcrafts. Although no special care is normally required, there are minimum care requirements. The following is a summary of the caring for metalcraft, including pewterware, which has been our specialty since the establishment of our company in the Edo period. (…Read More)



Seikado offers a limited wholesale service for distributors or stores. (…Read More)

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At Seikado, international orders and overseas shipment are conducted through the purchasing agency, WorldShopping.
(*Seikado itself offers international shipping only for customers who visit our physical store and make payment for a product.)

When viewing the Seikado online store, ( https://store.seikado.jp/ ) the WorldShopping banner will automatically be displayed for overseas customers. Through this system, products listed on the Seikado online store can be purchased from overseas. (The banner will not appear for domestic orders within Japan) (…Read More)