Handle, Rattan Rewinding

2024.04.15  Repairs

We use rattan (Tou, the stem of an elastic palm plant). For kettles, teapots, and other vessels used to hold hot drinks and food. In metalworking, the main purpose is to insulate the handle. They are not only simply wrapped but are also wrapped in various ways to beautify their appearance.


Handle, Rattan Rewinding

The photo shows a pewter Tanpo (a type of Chirori, Sake pitcher).
It is originally a kitchen utensil inserted into an open hole in Douko to warm sake.
(Douko, traditional copper square box pot that is filled with water and kept by the fire side.)
Item from a customer, which is approximately 20 years old since purchase.

New rattan is repeatedly dried and moistened with use, and gradually hardens and tightens over the years. Under normal use, it can last for more than 10 years, but it may come off or break at some time. We offer rewinding of rattan.


Regarding Repair of Metalcraft

We offer repair and maintenance services for metal crafts regardless of whether they are made in the East or West. The care and repair of damaged metal crafts is just as important to us as the manufacture of our products. Repairs are difficult to determine without seeing the item in person. Therefore, please bring or send the repaired item to us for consultation. Please refer to “Regarding Repair of Metalcraft”, for more detail.

*Regarding the repair of other companies’ products:
We believe that metal products have a longer lifespan than other materials, and therefore, manufacturers are responsible for the repair of their products. Also, manufacturers are more familiar with the materials and techniques used, so their labor costs are often lower than ours. If the manufacturer or distributor is still in existence, please contact them first for repair.