Bronze Vase, Water Leak Repair

2024.04.20  Repairs


Various methods are used for making bronze vases. For this vase, it appears that the body and bottom were made separately and soldered together. The impact of the fall from a height caused by the earthquake had distorted the solder on the bottom, resulting in water leakage.

We removed the bottom parts first and cleaned off the solder. Oxidized film, dirt, or water stains will cause problems for soldering. Therefore, we made a clean metal surface, and new soldering was applied. The repair part is colored by a greenish-blue color to hide the repair marks so that they are not noticeable.


Regarding Repair of Metalcraft

We offer repair and maintenance services for metal crafts regardless of whether they are made in the East or West. The care and repair of damaged metal crafts is just as important to us as the manufacture of our products. Repairs are difficult to determine without seeing the item in person. Therefore, please bring or send the repaired item to us for consultation. Please refer to “Regarding Repair of Metalcraft”, for more detail.

*Regarding the repair of other companies’ products:
We believe that metal products have a longer lifespan than other materials, and therefore, manufacturers are responsible for the repair of their products. Also, manufacturers are more familiar with the materials and techniques used, so their labor costs are often lower than ours. If the manufacturer or distributor is still in existence, please contact them first for repair.