Replacement of Pewter Sake Pitcher’s Handle

2024.04.25  Repairs


This is one of the most common breakages, a twisted handle. This is a kind of metal fatigue caused by forcible twisting of a handle that is welded and fixed. It is exactly the same logic as bending a wire at the same point over and over again, which causes it to break.

The base in front of the handle is detached from the base, and the rear part is also fatigued and thin. The only solution is to replace the handle with a new one. This breakage is common on sake pitchers used in restaurants.

*In recent years, products called “bendable tin vessels” have become available.

“Bendable” only means that it is physically soft and bendable, but it is not a material that can be bent in the first place. Another name for tin is “shari-gane,” and when bent, tin makes a sound as its tissue disintegrates. Bending tin over and over causes metal fatigue, causing it to crack and tear. Please be careful not to bend tin vessels (especially those made of cast metal).


Regarding Repair of Metalcraft

We offer repair and maintenance services for metal crafts regardless of whether they are made in the East or West. The care and repair of damaged metal crafts is just as important to us as the manufacture of our products. Repairs are difficult to determine without seeing the item in person. Therefore, please bring or send the repaired item to us for consultation. Please refer to “Regarding Repair of Metalcraft”, for more detail.

*Regarding the repair of other companies’ products:
We believe that metal products have a longer lifespan than other materials, and therefore, manufacturers are responsible for the repair of their products. Also, manufacturers are more familiar with the materials and techniques used, so their labor costs are often lower than ours. If the manufacturer or distributor is still in existence, please contact them first for repair.