Silverware Care

2024.02.22  Metalcraft Care Repairs

With good care, silverware becomes more elegant the more it is used. Japanese silverware is especially produced with the aim of making it look beautiful as it ages and gains character. The following is a guide to the care and maintenance of silverware for long-lasting use.

  • After use, wash with a neutral detergent and a soft sponge, then wipe dry with a soft cloth such as cotton and dry well.
  • If stains cannot be removed by washing with water and wiping dry, commercially available abrasives can be used. However, do not use kitchen cleansers or metal scrubbing scrubbers as they are too strong. Also, for the Ibushi, antique-colored areas, do not use any commercial abrasives, kitchen cleansers or metal scrubbing scrubbers as they are very delicate.
  • The best way to care for it is to use it every day. If you leave it unused for a long time, wipe it dry and wrap it in a plastic bag to prevent it from discoloring.

We offer repair and maintenance services for metal crafts regardless of whether they are made in the East or West, both old and new, from ourselves and others. For information on how to request repairs, please see “Regarding Repair of Metalcraft”.