The Pewter Umbrella Stand

2023.11.04  Custom Order

From June until around the Gion Festival-Float procession (July 17) is the rainy season in Kyoto.

We call it ‘Tsuyu’.

According to theory, the rain at this time of year coincides with the  ripening of plum fruit, so the kanji characters of ‘Tsuyu’ (梅雨), literally means ‘plum-rain’.


錫 傘立て


Despite the gloomy rainy season, your spirits are uplifted if you can enjoy using beautiful things specifically for rain.
With that thought in mind, we made our pewter umbrella stand.
Our customers are welcomed here at ‘SEIKADO’ with a beautiful ‘Pewter umbrella stand’ on rainy days throughout the year.

錫 傘立て錫 傘立て


Pewter Umbrella stand

Diameter about 24cm x Bottom diameter about 20cm x Hight about 51cm

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